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Lender Services

How could it be? That an outside vendor could outscore any lender’s own in-house escrow operations in a quality and performance survey? Well, once you’ve experienced Closing USA service and support, our superior process tailored to your workflow, our personal attention to detail and industry-leading focus on quality, it’s easy to see how. Easy to see how, with us, virtually anything’s possible.


Whether you’re local, regional, or do business on a national scale, your Closing USA team gives you a centralized source for all your real estate-related transactions. We’ve optimized Internet technologies to deliver web-based real estate transaction services through our portal, Paperless Closer™. For the speed, convenience and confidence you demand, 24-7. Fact is, with Closing USA as your partner, there’s no telling what you can do. Connecting you with the exact products and customized services you need to process mortgages more efficiently, timely, and reliably. So you’ll have the power to exceed your quota. And the freedom to enjoy the process. All while simply, reliably helping to meet your minority vendor requirements. To learn more about the many ways Closing USA can simplify and grow your title and escrow business, simply click here.



Who We Are


In an industry driven by large corporations, we stand apart. We are a National Title and Escrow company.
But when you partner with Closing USA, you truly get the best of both worlds; a company that is large
enough to take advantage of today’s state of the art technology yet nimble enough to react quickly to the
ever-changing world of financial services.

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